Simple detection in the risk of breast cancer

With 1 in 8 women in the United States developing breast cancer during
her lifetime, vigilance and balanced lifestyles are required. In addition to
regular screenings, the sphingotec biomarkers can be used to detect the
risk of breast cancer. By predicting risk, women can monitor their lifestyle
and physicians adapt certain therapies, such as HRT therapies, on the basis
of the results.


sphingotest® penKid

Biomarker for Identification and Prediction of Kidney
Failure in Acute Disease

The penKid biomarker developed by sphingotec
is used for the identification and
prediction of kidney failure in acute
diseases. This procedure is particularly
significant for use in emergency departments
and intensive care units.



Risk Prediction of Incident Cardiovascular Disease

This vascular risk human growth biomarker, (vr-hGH), is used
by physicians to predict the risk of incident cardiovascular
disease in males. The ability to predict risk in the general
population early on allows an early intervention should
high risk factors be identified.



Biomarker for Guidance of Vasopressor
Administration in Acute Diseases

Biomarkers fulfil urgent needs in medical emergencies:
The sphingotest® bio-ADM is an acute disease
biomarker that does just that. Using the
procedure, physicians are able to see
if early intervention is required.